• On Stand-Up Comedians

    On Stand-Up Comedians

    In his book Maestro, the Australian author, Peter Goldsworthy makes the statement, ‘if you want people to believe your lies, set them to music.’ To this I will add an epigram of my own; if […]

  • On News Readers

    On News Readers

    It is common enough knowledge that most television news readers are too stupid to spell their own name. The pretence has long dropped that these plastic-faced suits are actually journalists rather than trained monkeys reciting […]

  • On Hangovers

    On Hangovers

    I’m drunk. Well I was a little while ago. At the moment I am nursing a very tender head and stomach and reflecting on the night before. It was a good night certainly. I cannot […]

  • On Love

    On Love

    Love does not exist. Yet I want love. Am I being self-contradictory? I don’t think so. After all, there are lots of things we want as humans which do not exist. The perfect job, everyone […]