Hillsong Church was a large part of my life for many years and is a place I am rather ambivalent about. I really do think it is the perfect place for some people and that it has been a profound force for good in many regards. For those who are desperate for a sense of community, a sense of purpose, and a worldview to frame the mysteries and randomness of life, Hillsong can be a place of great comfort.

On the flip-side however, it can also be a place of great hurt and great rejection. For those with a questioning mind, those who do not subscribe to Biblical literalism, prosperity preaching, or deep rooted conservative politics, Hillsong can be very alienating.

Questioning authority or exactly how the millions of dollars the church receives is spent, will get you ostracised pretty quickly. Cause any more fuss, and it will be the police, a life ban, and letters from the lawyers.

I have friends and family who are still happy members, and others, like myself, who have moved on. I also know a special few who have been forcibly moved on. Religious rebels!

Anyway, the new Hillsong blockbuster was a nostalgic treat, well I thought it would be till I actually watched it. You can read my review of Hillsong: the Movie by clicking HERE.



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