Aussie sport lovers will passionately argue whether football means Rugby League, AFL, or Soccer. One thing they all tend to agree on, however, is that a nice cold beer is the perfect beverage for watching footy. For those who couldn’t score a ticket, the Grand Final BBQ is a great way to enjoy the game with friends. But if you are planning a get-together, please think carefully before picking up a case of your favourite brewskis.

In June 2016, 55 skilled workers, mostly electricians and fitters, were sacked from their jobs at Carlton & United Breweries (CUB). They were then offered their jobs back through a separate employer, Programmed Skilled, with a 65% wage reduction. The iconic producer of VB, the working man’s beer, showed utter contempt for their own working class employees.

In protest of this unfair treatment, Australian unions have led a series of protests and a campaign to boycott CUB which also makes Carlton Draught, Crown Larger and many others. The CUB 55 are still living precariously, unsure if they will get their jobs back. This weekend especially, Aussies are being urged to have a CUB-free Grand Final. There is even the official CUB boycott Grand Final BBQ kit (complete with drinking games, download here).


It doesn’t matter if you are a Liberal, Labor or other voter, whether you generally support unions or not, or if you couldn’t give a rat’s arse about politics and just want to watch the game. It may seem like this doesn’t have anything to do with you but the way businesses are allowed to behave impacts everyone. VB is Australia’s number one beer and if it, and the rest of the CUB line, takes a significant hit this weekend, the foreign-owned company will take notice.


Whether you’re having a big shebang, a quiet one at home, or heading to the pub – even if you’re not watching at all but happen to buy a beer this weekend – take a second to think about your purchase. Buying non-CUB beers this weekend, and until the case is settled, is the easiest way to support the little guy and be a dead set ledge.

There is so much delicious beer out there, pick one that isn’t screwing Aussie workers.



Pubs across Australia are also boycotting CUB beers.


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