With the controversial appointment of Greg Craven to chair Christopher Pyne’s review education panel, the issue of teacher quality has again returned to the fore. If Craven recommends a neo-liberal teacher market, both the quality and the spirit of pedagogy will be compromised, reduced to the fluctuation of market forces.

The following is a short extract form my article on The Conversation website.

“The goal of the review board should be to attract the best and brightest into education and to secure the best possible outcome for Australian students. This can only happen if the prestige and respect once associated with teaching is restored along with the resources and support needed to achieve outstanding results.

An economic rationalist position that compromises academic rigour will never achieve this. If Craven’s panel follows base supply-and-demand principles and accepts even the most mediocre teaching candidates, then the derogatory maxim will be proved true: those who can’t do, teach.”

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Teachers have class




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