• On Popular Mythology in American History: Part one.

    On Popular Mythology in American History: Part one.

    American history can be seen as a hive for historiography. The defining events have been interpreted in vastly different ways by various interest groups and historians. One of the great challenges is to use the […]

  • On Marriage Customs

    On Marriage Customs

    “And how do we keep our balance? That I can tell you in one word: tradition!” The quote above from Fiddler on the Roof speaks specifically about the Jewish people but it is equally applicable to all […]

  • On Losing Friends

    On Losing Friends

    Breakups are always difficult. They are emotional, messy, one side is always hurt and life is made awkward for mutual friends. But what happens when it is not a spouse or lover you need to […]

  • On Passion and Tolerance (or the two most painful insults I've ever received)

    On Passion and Tolerance (or the two most painful insults I’ve ever received)

    I am right. At least I think I am. If I did not believe myself to be right then how could I keep on going? Would it not be necessary to change everything and adapt […]

  • On the Validity of Opinions

    On the Validity of Opinions

    The great English poet John Milton once said, ‘Where there is much desire to learn, there of necessity will be much arguing, much writing, many opinions; or opinion in good men is but knowledge in […]

  • On Australia

    On Australia

    The Commonwealth Games are always an interesting affair. For the last three decades at least they have become something of a celebration of Australia’s absolute sporting dominance. As every Australian knows, as a nation we […]

  • On Sex and Violence

    On Sex and Violence

    A society is a living thing. It is a breathing, animated communion of its collective parts and the outward expression of what is inside its members’ hearts. As new ideas and new generations drive their […]

  • On Pornography

    On Pornography

    For nearly the entire span of human existence the status of women has been that of chattel property. That is to say, within the patriarchy of human society women have been the possession of men, […]

  • On Ugliness

    On Ugliness

    This Italian philosopher, Umberto Eco, is rightly regarded as one of the world’s foremost semioticians. Recently he completed a treatise dedicated to the history of ugliness and how ugliness is perceived in various cultures. Eco […]

  • On Stand-Up Comedians

    On Stand-Up Comedians

    In his book Maestro, the Australian author, Peter Goldsworthy makes the statement, ‘if you want people to believe your lies, set them to music.’ To this I will add an epigram of my own; if […]